We get a real kick out of working with all you dreamers, innovators and pioneers that make up the small business community and relish any opportunity to help you realise your vision and aspirations. 

We understand that your small business needs just as much care and professional direction as any corporate business, but it's hard to access the support you need at a price you can afford.

With this in mind, we have created a number of affordable packages designed specifically to help new businesses get off the ground with the right image and strategy from the start - and to help established small businesses grow and progress to the next level.

With our small business packages, you get big agency experience, thinking and expertise, tailored to fit your business and budget.



Maybe you've been a business a while and have reached a plateau, perhaps you're not getting the results you had hoped for, or the market has moved on and new competitors are making things more difficult.

Time to take a breath and get an objective view of your business, your market position, and how you shape up versus your competition.

We'll review your marketing activity and results and give you a clear picture of where your brand is at, supplemented with market best practice examples. We'll also identify opportunities, propose ideas and offer guidance to help move your business forward.

Your personal brand review will cover:

  • Your brand image compared to your brand values and objectives / aspirations - and against your competition
  • Your marketing activity to date compared to the market and competitors
  • Your presence and visibility in the market and online
  • Recommendations to re-ignite your brand

Your review will be supplied in presentation format with examples in a meeting to expand upon the content and guide you toward your goal, with soft copies for you to keep.

Contact us to book your brand review consultation.

Full 360 brand audit and presentation also available if required - contact us for more information.



Branding can be an expensive business and it can be tempting to put it off until later, or settle for a cheap logo that will do your brand a dis-service in the long run.

The reason for the expense in large corporations is typically the length of the process and therefore studio time with endless revisions and often complete changes of direction.

In our experience, this tends not to happen with small businesses and by limiting the rounds of development, we are able to offer high quality, bespoke branding solutions for a fixed fee.

Here's how it works:

  1. We start with a consultation to get to know you and understand your vision for your business and brand. We get a good picture of your particular likes and dislikes, target audience, competitors and business objectives so that our concepts communicate the essence of your brand and distinguish you from your competitors from the start.

  2. We supply three to four creative concepts for your consideration and feedback.

  3. Then we develop your chosen concept through up to 3 revisions to arrive at your final logo.

  4. Finally, we supply your logo in print and web formats along with your business card, letter head and comp slip designs and print-ready artwork.

We can also arrange printing for you if required though our trusted suppliers.

Contact us to book your brand ID consultation.



This program helps small business owners set up the core ingredients to marketing success through a series of meetings and workshops. Topics include:

  • Goals: setting marketing objectives, setting targets and tools to measure success
  • Identification of target market and key messages. Articulation of USP
  • Product review and market position. Identification of your most marketable products / services
  • Development of your marketing plan and tools
  • Agreement of brand appropriate marketing channels
  • Low-cost marketing channels and activities to augment coverage
  • Online Marketing      
  • Social Media and PR

Contact us to find out more and discuss how we can tailor a programme to suit your specific requirements.



This service is perfect for your small to medium businesses, affording you the luxury of an experienced, senior level marketing manager without the financial risk and commitment of a full time employee. If you have existing or proposed marketing activity, but no internal marketing team, use Velvet to manage the execution and delivery of your agreed marketing plan on a pre-agreed ‘hours per week / per month basis - minimum period of 6 months.

Management includes continual monitoring, review, and fine-tuning of the plan on a rolling basis to ensure that the marketing message and return on investment is perfected over time.

If required, we can also determine and agree the creative work you will need for the 6 or 12 month period to delivery your marketing plan, apply a substantial discount and wrap it all up into a monthly fixed fee. We find clients make significant cost savings this way and experience considerable extra value as once we've agreed a fee, we stick to it and any unforeseen requirements are simply taken care of at no extra cost [unless, of course a large project is requested, which would need to be quoted for separately].

This service usually follows the Marketing Planning Stage, however in the event that a current plan exists, would include an assessment of the plan and agreement of measureable goals and targets and recommendations.

Contact us to arrange your free, no-obligation consultation and proposal to explore how outsourced marketing can work for you.



This service works well for small business owners or managers. If you are keen to take on the management of your own marketing, or have assigned a member of staff to a marketing role, but would benefit from additional professional support and coaching, we're here to help.

Again, with an agreed number of hours per week or month, we are able to guide you through the process of implementing your marketing strategy and plan.

As with outsourcing, the process commences with goal setting and identification of measurable targets.

Contact us to arrange your free, no-obligation consultation and proposal to explore how mentoring can work for you.