The creative thinking part!

What good is a stunning brand image if your customers never get to see it? We help you to create your brand and marketing strategy, identify your goals, aspirations and dreams, define your objectives and guide you toward the most appropriate marketing mix to support your business plans.

Then we help you create a robust marketing plan and work with you to deliver it.



We work collaboratively with you to help create an original, distinctive and arresting brand proposition. Often initiated in a workshop environment with a team of key stakeholders / interested parties, this process helps your business to identify, define and articulate:

  • What your brand stands for
  • What you want it to mean to your target audience - how you want them to feel about your brand
  • Your brand values, personality and point of view
  • Your unique visual concept / creative direction
  • Your communication style
  • Your corporate culture
  • Your competitive / comparative set [of brands for benchmarking]
  • Your customer profile

This process usually culminates in the creation of a brand guidelines document and can be introduced to your employees through staff training to harness the power of your team and create a strong, unified voice.



We help you create marketing strategy that fully supports and drives your defined business goals and objectives.

This process involves analysis of your historical and current marketing activity, research of target markets, demographics and the competitive landscape in which you operate.

The process will also identify and drive our you usp, key messages, distinctive features, opportunities for brand stretch and assessment of available communication channels appropriate for effective delivery of your brand and corporate objectives.

This process culminates in the delivery of a marketing strategy document to guide future marketing activity.

Development of a marketing strategy often follows the brand development process unless this is already in place.



Here, we're utilising your brand and marketing strategies to create your marketing plan, combining all elements of the marketing mix as determined appropriate during the strategy development. Your plan will also include tactical activities to address more current challenges if required.

The plan will ensure that key messages and brand attributes are communicated effectively and consistently across all agreed consumer touchpoints.

We'll work with you to establish clear goals and objectives and each element of the mix will be monitored and reviewed to measure success and guide future planning.



This service is perfect for your small to medium businesses, affording you the luxury of an experienced marketing manager without the commitment of a full time employee. If you have existing or proposed marketing activity, but no internal marketing team, use Velvet to manage the execution and delivery of your agreed marketing plan on a pre-agreed ‘hours per week / per month basis.

Management includes continual monitoring, review, and fine-tuning of the plan on a rolling basis to ensure that the marketing message and return on investment is perfected over time.

This service usually follows the Marketing Planning Stage, however in the event that a current plan exists, would include an assessment of the plan and agreement of measureable goals and targets and recommendations.

Larger companies also utilise this service to compliment their existing in-house team – usually for a specific project. This allows in-house teams to continue their day to day duties, without the distraction of taking on an additional project.

This could be a new product strategy or launch, strategic development of the brand / marketing direction, marketing audit / review, or brand development exercise, for example.



If you have your marketing under control, but struggle to stay on top of your social media, we can help. We'll create a strategy and integrate with your existing marketing plans to augment your activity, with an ongoing management plan.



This service works well for small business owners or managers. If you are keen to take on the management of your own marketing, or have assigned a member of staff to a marketing role, but would benefit from additional professional support and coaching, we're here to help.

Again, with an agreed number of hours per week or month, we are able to guide you through the process of implementing your marketing strategy and plan.

As with outsourcing, the process commences with goal setting and identification of measurable targets.